Your ticketing equipment represents a crucial link between you and your customers.

We develop and produce high-performance, reliable ticketing equipment, enabling you to offer your customers a wide range of functions in a compact space.

For more than 50 years, SADAMEL has designed and produced quality equipment for automatic and assisted vending in the Transport and Lottery sectors.


High-performance, reliable and economic equipment.

While acquisition of equipment at a competitive price is a major criterion, operating and maintenance costs and the ability to operate for more than 10 years are just as important.

SADAMEL products are designed for secure ticketing systems, requiring high performance, optimum availability and low maintenance costs.


Develop new sales channels.

We offer appealing, high-performance equipment for self-service vending of your lottery game tickets.

Featuring appealing designs, manufactured with industrial rated components, SADAMEL self-service vending equipment offers high-performance solutions for expanding the point-of-sale presence of your lottery.

Payment solutions

Enabling your customers to pay in coins requires high-performance, reliable solutions.

SADAMEL offers compact and modular coin handling systems, with easy integrability, and providing an excellent security level, particularly suitable for automatic vending equipment intended for railways, metros and bus operators.


Vending machine and self-service equipement for transportation.


Instant lottery ticket vending machines and self-service terminals for the lottery sector.

Payment solutions

OEM payment and change return modules for automatic vending equipment.